28 September 2006

Mehdi IS in le Monde (this mail might become a spam ... :-))) )

Mehdi Guiraud you know ? That young fellow that was a scrum and is now a star in le Monde ...
I'm the personnal assistant and he has got a team to answer the thousands mails he needs now to answer. So many clics you know...
Don't say he's got a big head, he might not like it, Maybe even he would post something bad about you ... SO just be a friend and adore him ...
for his highness Mehdi Guiraud..

Lye Yu Yang, China.

Comment j'ai trop la grosse boule ... !!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good man, Mehdi, I'm proud of you! I always knew you had it in you...

Now, as your newly-appointed political consultant, the first thing we
have to do is the "prénom change". How about "Pierre"? It's so much more
"French". And then "Guiraud". I think we can do better. How about "DuPont
de Nemours"? It's "French" AND "American" AT THE SAME TIME! This can
only help you in the "sondages"! And with Jospin out of the way, well !,
it's a BOULEVARD opening up for you, my friend!

So we only have to come to grips with the question of "rémuneration, baBY!".
I'm willing - for the moment - to take a mere ten percent! Yes, it's
true! A mere ten percent to see you through to "the other side..." Not
counting any shot with your "the cutest-boy-in-the-world little
brother"...of course...that'll cost ya, pal!

No seriously, good for you, you're the blancest guy around.

Marcos the mostost